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Bouncing Email

Do you suffer from the scourge of bouncing email? Listen and learn how the Tech Woes email engineers deal with and defeat the problem of bouncing email.
Bouncing email

can be a major nuisance and embarrassment. You think you successfully sent an email to a good friend or client, but it never gets there. Possibly because someone that uses your email provider sent spam, your email address gets put on a blacklist. Sometimes, your email provider can remove your email address from the blacklist. Or you might want to contact the blacklist holder yourself. Bouncing email is never any fun.

Following is a transcript

of a person with bouncing email and a totally goofy and unhelpful tech support person. As is my policy, I have changed the names to protect the guilty. Any resemblance to real life situations is purely coincidental. Or is it? Perhaps, it is a little bit of both. I hope you enjoy my goofy attempt at geek humor.   I welcome you to express your opinions and share your frustrating experiences in the comments below.  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you for stopping by.  Craig Herberg

Unhelpful tech support guy: Technical support.  How may we humiliate you?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Email to my most important client bounces.  Do you know anything about this?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Of course.  This is a common problem.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: What causes it?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Your email is a little too springy, and that’s why it bounces.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: What can I do to fix it?

Unhelpful tech support guy: First, print out your email.  Then wash it and dry it on high heat.  This should remove the springiness.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: And that will solve the problem?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Of course.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Thank you so much.  I’ve been at wits end over this problem.

Unhelpful tech support guy: It’s always a pleasure helping people solve their problems. [Aside] I can’t believe I get paid to do this to people.

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