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Yahoo Hack

Were you hit by the Yahoo Hack? Listen and learn as the Tech Woes privacy gurus explain how to protect yourself from the Yahoo hack.
The Yahoo Hack

involved hackers stealing over 500 million passwords, according to the Washington Post. Yes, hackers stole over half a billion accounts. This was the largest reported data breach in history. Sadly, Yahoo took a long time to uncover and report this huge hack. If you have a Yahoo account, change your password immediately! Do not wait until you get notice from Yahoo. Here are some steps you should take to deal with the Yahoo hack. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is an excellent resource.  In conclusion, act now! Your privacy and possibly money are at stake.

Following is a transcript

of a person with a Yahoo email account and a very unhelpful tech support person. The advice he gave rivals the advice someone must have given to Yahoo. As is my policy, I have changed the names to protect the guilty. Any resemblance to real life situations is purely coincidental. Or is it? Maybe a little bit of both. I hope you enjoy my goofy attempt at geek humor.   I welcome you to express your opinions and share your frustrating experiences in the comments below.  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you for stopping by.  Craig Herberg

Unhelpful tech support guy: Technical support. How may we humiliate you?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: I just read about the Yahoo hack. What should I do?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Do you have a Yahoo account?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Of course. That’s why I’m calling.

Unhelpful tech support guy: You don’t have to get testy.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Should I change my Yahoo password?

Unhelpful tech support guy: No. Change your other passwords to match your Yahoo password.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Huh?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Hackers already have your Yahoo password. They would never think you would use the same password on your other accounts.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Thank you so much. You make it so easy.

Unhelpful tech support guy: Thank you for the kind words and for calling technical support, where a stupid answer is only a phone call away.

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