Tech Woes Memes

Tech Woes Memes

Here are some of our favorite Tech Woes Memes. This first one is about a rumored Facebook bitch slap function. Just think how cool it would be to use this button when one of your friends says something really annoying. For example, “I’m in the Bahamas, and it is 72 degrees and sunny today. I hope you are enjoying your historic blizzard!”  Boom! You hit that bitch slap button!

Tech woes memes. Facebook bitch slap function.It is 102 degrees outside. Rumor has it that Facebook is planning to replace the POKE button with a BITCH-SLAP button. Please be advised that if any of my friends complains about having to wear a sweatshirt or light jacket, because it’s a little cool, I will not hesitate to use this new function. You have been warned!

This next Tech Woes meme is a takeoff on the old joke about the guy using his DVD drive as a coffee cup holder. Some of you may recognize the guy of “What me worry” fame. He is using his DVD drive as a trail mix holder.

Tech woes memes. What drive?



















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