Acid Wash Computers

Do you need to acid wash computers? Listen and learn as the Tech Woes IT pros demonstrate how to expertly acid wash computers.

Acid wash computers?

Perhaps, if they are made of brick and covered with mildew.Acid wash computers  For modern computers, however, IT professionals recommend destroying their hard drives, at the end of their service lives. Some recommend degaussing and drilling holes in hard drives. Since many IT providers do not have degaussers, they simply drill holes in the drives  In fact, this is standard privacy practice. Typically, IT professionals charge about $50 per drive to drill three holes. To be sure, secure data destruction specialists may charge less. Here is an example price list.

Following is a transcript

of a person with end of life computers and an unhelpful tech support person. As is my policy, I have changed the names to protect the guilty. Any resemblance to real life situations is purely coincidental. Or is it? Perhaps, it is a little bit of both. I hope you enjoy my goofy attempt at geek humor.   I welcome you to express your opinions and share your frustrating experiences in the comments below.  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you for stopping by.  Craig Herberg

Unhelpful tech support guy: Technical support.  How may we humiliate you?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: I have some old computers to clean off. Can you help?

Unhelpful tech support guy: What is on the old computers?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Personal stuff. Tax returns and such.

Unhelpful tech support guy: No problem. Wash them in acid.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: What about destroying the hard drives?

Unhelpful tech support guy: I’m technical support. Are you questioning me?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: I’m sorry. Please continue.

Unhelpful tech support guy: First, put your old computers in your car trunk.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Ok.

Unhelpful tech support guy: Next, fill your trunk with acid and scrub with a brush. That, my friend, is how to acid wash computers.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Thank you so much.  You make it so easy.

Unhelpful tech support guy: Thank you for the kind words and for calling technical support,  where a stupid answer is only a phone call  away.

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