Frozen Computer

Has your computer suddenly frozen up on you? Learn how the Tech Woes super IT  pros deal with a Frozen Computer.

A Frozen Computer

always seems to happen at the worst possible time, while you are doing Frozen computersomething really important. For example, as an undergrad, my computer froze before I had saved my term paper. As a result, I learned to save frequently. Once, a client called with a frozen computer a day before a lucrative contract was due to his client. This time, it turned out well, because he collected a tidy sum on his contract, and I made money for helping him out. Without doubt, having your computer freeze is quite stressful. Possibly, unplugging all of your peripherals will unfreeze it.

Following is a transcript

of a person with a frozen computer and a less than helpful tech support person. Of course, tech support guy is really just interested in getting off the phone and ending his shift. As is my policy, I have changed the names to protect the guilty. Any resemblance to real life situations is purely coincidental. Or is it? Perhaps, it is a little bit of both. I hope you enjoy my goofy attempt at geek humor.   I welcome you to express your opinions and share your frustrating experiences in the comments below.  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you for stopping by.  Craig Herberg

 Unhelpful tech support guy: Technical support. How may we humiliate you?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: My computer froze up, and I hope you can help me.

Unhelpful tech support guy: What were you doing when it froze up?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Well, I was watching a movie.

Unhelpful tech support guy: I see. Ok, you should watch the rest of the movie, and call back after it is over.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Will that fix the problem?

Unhelpful tech support guy: No, but it will give me time to get off my shift.

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