Smart TV App Woes

Do Cloud Smart TV App Woes give you problems on your new smart TV? Let our Tech Woes IT gods teach you to how to deal with Smart TV app woes.

Smart TV App Woes

afflict a lot of Smart TV owners. People buy their Smart TVs for the internet connected apps, and are usually pleased to have apps like Netflix,Smart TV App Woes HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant,, etc. Unfortunately, the picnic usually ends when a buggy cloud based update on a remote server wreaks havoc. Suddenly, the Smart TVs cannot connect to the internet, and the apps stop working. Until the vendor fixes the buggy software, their Smart TVs become expensive dumb TVs.

Following is a transcript of an unhappy Smart TV owner and a totally full of poop tech support person. The caller has Smart TV app woes after an update made the apps stop working. As is my policy, I have changed the names to protect the guilty, and any resemblance to real life situations is purely coincidental. Or is it? Maybe a little bit of both. I hope you enjoy my subtle attempt at geek humor, and welcome you to express your opinions and share your frustrating experiences in the comments below.  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you for stopping by.  Craig Herberg

Unhelpful tech support guy: Technical support. How may we humiliate you?

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: The apps on my smart TV stopped working after an update.

Unhelpful tech support guy: We moved your apps to the cloud to improve your experience. Unfortunately, the cloud doesn’t work when the sun shines.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Huh?

Unhelpful tech support guy: Our research tells us that most people only use their apps after dark. If you want them to work twenty four seven, you must move to Seattle or London.

Unsuspecting tech woes victim: Thank you so much. You make it so easy.

Unhelpful tech support guy: Thank you for the kind words and for calling technical support, where a stupid answer is only a phone call away.

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